A little more “Me Time”

Recently, I have decided to make some major changes in my life. And there are several reasons why.

I downloaded an app called Moment. Moment tracks the time you spend on your phone, and looking at each app you have, for the duration of the entire day. When I had the app for an entire 24 hours, I was shocked to learn that I spent nearly SIX hours on my phone. Doing what, you ask? Scrolling. I am a slave to Instagram and Facebook. And when you have a day off, sleep until 10:30, spend six hours on your phone, and do nothing else particularly productive that day, it’s time to find a hobby. So I have deleted all of my social media off of my phone, with the exception of Snapchat. This is because Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can be accessed on my computer. Snapchat is not a computer app. However, to accommodate for that inequity, I turned my notifications for Snapchat off, and put it on a screen by itself to try and forget about it for awhile.

Besides that wake-up call, I’ve also learned that I don’t really have any hobbies. Except dance. I love dancing on Thursdays. And I would love to do that more, go to different venues, meet new people, and learn new things. But dancing only happens on certain days, at certain times, and I can only go if I just so happen to have the evening off work. When people ask me what I like to do for fun, I never have an answer right away. I feel as though I have lost myself. I don’t do anything for myself anymore. And I don’t know why or when that stopped, but it’s time to make some changes in my life.

It’s time for me to grow up, put the phone down and live a little!

When I say grow up, I mean making some financial changes as well. I’ll be honest – I’m getting limited hours at work, my spending habits have been awful lately, and now I need to fix my car. Not a great combination. So I think I’ll start budgeting my money.

While doing so, I’ll be budgeting the time I spend on my phone (like I said earlier). In addition to these fairly simple tasks (I hope), I’ll be eating better, working out, cooking more, and adventuring more. And when it’s not raining all day every day, I want to go hiking, ride my bike for easy errands, and start rowing with my grandparents more often. Like I said, it is pretty rainy here in Bellingham as of late, so it’s a little hard to do these things right now without freezing your tail off. Unfortunately, my work is a little hard to get to safely on a bike, and we don’t have a bike rack anyway, so I won’t be riding my bike to work. But I cannot wait to start going on regular bike rides with my grandparents! And maybe go camping in the summer, start rowing on Lake Whatcom… Summer is going to be a beautiful time people! With that being said, comes the theme I have decided for my blog…

Travel. Adventure. Trying new things. Doing things for me! Breaking out of my shell.

You know, that kind of stuff. The kind of stuff I’m not very good at, and don’t do very often. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to the first day of summer very, very much. And, I hope the time I spend on myself to make myself happier, will inspire you to do the same! I plan on posting regularly about the things I do and changes I make, the mini vacations I go on, the food I cook, the things I learn, the things I want to share with you. So, will you join me on my journey to better myself, travel, and go on adventures? The choice is yours, but I hope you do.

Hello Reader, Welcome to my Blog

Hi. My name is Keighlene Holley Welch. Keighlene pronounced Ky-leen, Holley like the carburetor, Welch like the grape juice. I’m 19, and I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, and about six months ago I decided to do something crazy. I left my family, friends, and past in Phoenix and moved up to Bellingham, Washington. Talk about a change of scenery, right? I now live with my grandparents on my mom’s side. I moved up here because I wanted a new start after graduating high school, and I wanted to take a year off from school completely and “find myself” so to speak. I wanted to know exactly how I wanted to spend the next 40-50 years of my life. However, when I got here I decided to go into the work force. Since then I have worked in a bakery, a fast food restaurant, and I currently work as a cashier at a grocery store. I have discovered new things about myself, as I explore my likes and dislikes that I didn’t even know I had. I discovered I have an insatiable appetite for adventure. I have also found that I’m afraid of heights after hiking Oyster Dome.

I’ve been here for six months, and I can honestly say I have never missed my old home more than I do now. I miss my parents, my best friend, my pets, my old job… But I think most of all I miss routine. I miss going to school every day, and working on weekends. I had a set-in-stone schedule. And during those four years of school, there was nothing I wanted more than to be out. I could not wait to graduate, move on, start my life, and be on my own. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked school and learning, but I couldn’t wait to not have a routine. I wanted more than ever to be free, and do what I want when I want.

And I have that now, almost. I work, but it doesn’t feel routine because I don’t work every day, and my open availability has let my schedule be anywhere from 7 to noon, or 3:30 to midnight. That’s not a routine. In my down time, I feel lost. And I will admit, I spend more time on my phone during my free time than I’m happy with, but that’s why I moved up here. I need some hobbies. I go on walks with my grandma sometimes, and when my grandpa starts a new woodworking project, or logs into Photoshop to edit the pictures he took in the park, I look over his shoulder and try to learn some things. And I have learned so many things since being here. I’ve learned that the bigger the snowflake, the warmer it is above the clouds. I’ve learned how to master driving in snowy and icy conditions in my manual car. I’ve learned how to drive a manual car.

I’ve also developed some hobbies. This is a new one. Blogging. I’ve started dancing. Taking lessons? Not really. But I go to a smaller venue every Thursday night for Bellingham Community Fusion. It’s $5 to get in, to learn some new steps for an hour, and then dance the night away with some incredible people. I have met so many amazing people at this new found love of dancing. Not only is it fun, but it’s somewhere that I can let go. After a crap day at work, or when I just feel down and miss Arizona, or feel stuck in life, I always look forward to dancing on Thursdays. I ordered a macro and wide angle lens that I can attach to my phone, and it is AWESOME.


With that introduction, hello reader, welcome to my blog. 🙂